Massive new hawk migration spot

02 April 2020

While most Broad-winged Hawks are but a few weeks away from Missouri, the first sightings this year have been trickling in this week as spring migration is off to an early start. Meanwhile in Colombia, my friend Diego Solarte and his team just concluded counting 373,621 raptors, mostly Broad-winged and...

Finally built a standing desk

01 February 2020

After a semester in grad school, I am feeling well-settled into the lifestyle of an armchair biologist. But obviously, I find myself sitting a lot. Sitting still for long periods of time is neither healthy nor fun, but it is part of the package of academia. Most of us know...

Website is live and orientation is over!

03 September 2019

My first week of grad school is over! And in the week during orientation I began making a website. I’m slowly getting comfortable with the end result and wanted to reflect on the process, remember some useful links and share some resources. This was my first time using HTML, CSS,...